Zubair Tufail (CEO)

After 50 years in the business, Tufail Group is diversifying its activities in the field of chemical, Petrochemicals and seeking joint ventures with foreign companies. Keeping in view the domestic and international market, we are negotiating with multinationals for their production facilities in Pakistan, which will result in new investments in the country. We have been successful in doing so by procuring an Italian plant from Desmet Ballestra SpA, Producing Sulphonic Acid 96 % (LABSA 96%), and Providing Various new jobs in the country. This procurement has also resulted in saving significant amount of foreign reserves of the country by almost eliminating the imports of LABSA.

Economic conditions of Pakistan are improving gradually, despite serious challenges like security and law & order situation. Foreign investment in the field of oil, gas, industries, banking and telecom sector are coming in the country due to high growth and profits. Banks are almost privatized and are providing excellent services to the trade and industry. Stock markets are performing well and are attracting foreign investments.

With a population of over 180 million, Pakistan is a very potential market in the region. Demand of finished goods are rising sharply. Gas & Electricity supplies are far short then actual demand thus country is facing long hours of power shortage. Energy is the most important sector with high demand as the country is facing a shortage of supply by up to 5000 Mw. It is a great opportunity for foreign investors to invest in this sector, as entire production will be procured by government at high rates.

In view of current market scenario of Pakistan and excellent returns on investment as compared to the region, we would invite more foreign partners to join hands with us for promotion of their business in Pakistan.