Board Messages

Zubair Tufail (CEO)

After 50 years in the business, Tufail Group is diversifying its activities in the field of chemical, Petrochemicals and seeking joint ventures with foreign companies. Keeping in view the domestic and international market, we are negotiating with multinationals for their production facilities in Pakistan, which will result in new investments in the country. We have been successful in doing so by procuring an Italian plant from Desmet Ballestra SpA, Producing Sulphonic Acid 96 % (LABSA 96%), and Providing Various new jobs in the country. This procurement has also resulted in saving significant amount of foreign reserves of the country by almost eliminating the imports of LABSA.

Economic conditions of Pakistan are improving gradually, despite serious challenges like security and law & order situation. Foreign investment in the field of oil, gas, industries, banking and telecom sector are coming in the country due to high growth and profits. Banks are almost privatized and are providing excellent services to the trade and industry. Stock markets are performing well and are attracting foreign investments.

With a population of over 180 million, Pakistan is a very potential market in the region. Demand of finished goods are rising sharply. Gas & Electricity supplies are far short then actual demand thus country is facing long hours of power shortage. Energy is the most important sector with high demand as the country is facing a shortage of supply by up to 5000 Mw. It is a great opportunity for foreign investors to invest in this sector, as entire production will be procured by government at high rates.

In view of current market scenario of Pakistan and excellent returns on investment as compared to the region, we would invite more foreign partners to join hands with us for promotion of their business in Pakistan.


Mr.Pervez Tufail (Senior Executive Director)

Tufail Chemical Industries Limited was incorporated in 1994 with the effort of Pakistan’s top engineers and in technical collaboration of China Machinery Corporation. The plant and machinery was imported from China, making it a major entity of tufail Groups. The group comprises of 6 companies engaged in imports of Chemicals and distribution of Petrochemicals & Polymers.

TCI is the sole producer of Formic Acid in Pakistan, having initially installed capacity of 5,000 tons per year and a by-product plant of Sodium Sulphate producing about 7.500 tons per year.

The company, after consolidating its position in Pakistan market and getting the quality recognition from its customers, expanded production capacity of Formic Acid and Sodium Sulphate to 7,500 tons and 11,000 tons per annum respectively. In 2003, the group also set-up plants for manufacturing Sulphuric Acid (20,000 tons/yr), Alum Sulphate (5,500 tons/yr), Zinc Sulphate (3,300 tons / yr) and Magnesium Sulphate (3,500 tons/yr).

Recently the group is undergoing an expansion process for Formic Acid, producing up to 11,000 tons a year, making it capable of meeting the entire demand of Pakistan by 2nd Qtr 2005. Cooperation of an international technical team will help us in this expansion, allowing us to reducing our dependence on imported feedstock. TCI is also exploring the possibilities to startup its back processing plant producing Sodium Formate, a basic raw-material for Formic Acid.

Apart from its existing manufacturing units the company welcomes foreign investors for joint ventures in Pakistan’s Chemical / Petrochemical sector. Tufail Group is dedicated towards the growth of Chemical industry in Pakistan and is welcoming any viable proposition in this field.

Salman Tufail (Director New Projects)

Tufail Group is a major distribution force in plastic raw materials, selling the highest quality products to the Pakistan market for past 50 years. We pride ourselves on our strong, strategic who take pride in providing the best standard of services.

Our Petrochemical Department has the largest business turnover if the group and the products we deal in are:


Our logistics team consists of highly motivated experienced personal manner. Providing liaison with our clients’ all financial arrangements of L/C. bank guarantees etc, or synchronization with our suppliers to ensure timely shipments.

Our sales and marketing team is highly trained with comprehensive market and product knowledge, providing advice on the most suitable product for each application. After- sales support by ensuring that all logistical and technical service are readily available when needed. Guaranteed product quality, performing and timely feedback to suppliers by prompt and efficient communication between the clients and our marketing team.

Our technical team is readily available for assistance to our clients for consultation and samples to customers as well as assistance in the development of new product formulation, ensuring elimination of any problems faced by the customers when trying new products. On arrival of any new grade, the team employs itself in conducting trials for modified grades under development, and provides prompt feedback to the principles.

Our team’ market evaluation and research that is conducted on a regular basis to ensure vital up-to-date market information is available to both client and suppliers, by preparing monthly, quarterly, bi- annual and annual market research reports.

Our experience grant us competitive advantage; we continue to strive for the best and most innovative solutions to the complex financial and logistical problems in today’s ever changing market.