About Us

Who We Are

Tufail Chemical Industries Limited is among the largest prominent manufacturer of industrial chemicals in Pakistan and is involved in fulfilling the needs of diversified industrial chemicals, with quality and responsibility.

Established in 1953, our history is spread over almost six decades. We Initiated business as an imports/indenting house of chemicals, metals & minerals with the World’s renowned organizations like Sumitomo, Mitsubishi and Sinochem. We also introduced European plastic raw material, industrial chemicals, aluminium products and polymer from Hyundai & Samsung. By emphasis on quality and a specialty products range, the market came to recognize Tufail as Pakistan’s most prominent import /distribution house.

After getting a sound knowledge and developing expertise in the field of chemicals and its allied products, Tufail Chemicals launched its first project to manufacture Formic Acid and Sodium Sulphate and commenced production in 1995 with a strong research & development setup to enhance these innovations.

So far Tufail Chemical’s collective production capacity is 150,000 Metric Tons / Annum (Karachi complex contributes 70% and Lahore complex 30%). We are also Pakistan’s leading chemical products providers with care and responsibility with the help of technology, excellent human resources and outstanding R & D.

The production of 150,000 metric tons includes Sulphonic Acid 96%, Sulphonic Acid 90%, Formic Acid, Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous, Acetex Plus, Sulphuric Acid (DCDA ), Aluminium Sulphate and Sodium Lauyr Ether Sulphate – SLES. With this production capacity, Tufail Chemicals is satisfying needs domestically and the Surplus is being exported.

Also, we are aware of Our responsibility as Corporate citizens and invest in contributions for a safer, healthier and greener environment and eventually, a prosperous Pakistan.

Our Mission

To Make Pakistan self reliant in basic chemicals with State of the art technology.To capitalize and optimize all available domestic resources.To develop quality human resources at par to the international standards and make them well abreast for all times. To be actively involved in adopting & developing a green revolution, in turn healthier & Safer environment for the generations to come.



Managing all our business affairs with ethical practices, honesty and transparency.


Teamwork as a Cornerstone for Success, with people as Our most valuable asset through helping and caring for each other.

R & D

Adopting best practices, embodying innovation, mutual outside-in improvement through exemplary handling of stakeholder requirements, approaching all matters with open minds, focusing on people growth & development, seizing any available opportunity, adaptable & flexible attitude with all arising issues, as Well as continuous improvement in all spheres of our business.

Socially Responsible

Providing healthier and safer working environment for our staff and securing the natural environment for our generation to Core.


Adopting all basic to advance level safety & care principles as advised by the international bodies.

Our Strength


  • Managerial Strength with Sound Experience
  • Quality Assurance & Enhancement
  • Research & Development
  • After Sales Services & Prompt Feedback